The founders of SWAT have over 40+ years of experience combined in Daechi’s education district.

Increased output

- More speeches

- More activities

- More personal feedback

Developing confidence
- Developing a strong self-image for each student

- Teaching encouragement; and positive reinforcement

Critical thinking
- Debate skills

- Forming strong arguments (argumentation)

- Persuasive speaking

Team-building skills
- Emphasizing social skills

- Learning to work together with different personality-types

- Fun and interactive learning

Increased output

- More writing per month

- More personal feedback

- Improving flow and coherency

- Improving writing quality

- Improving diction/vocabulary

- Improving the use of expressive language


- Focus on essential skills

- Test-taking tips and strategies

- Maintaining a clear focus to retain information

- Vocabulary studying techniques to improve memorization and retention

- Vocab skills to help infer meanings (parts of speech; prefixes; suffixes; context clues; roots; and etymology)

- Reading skills (how to quickly break down passages; finding important information; understanding different types of reading articles; understanding transition words)

- Test-taking skills (understanding different reading test questions; understanding strategies to accurately solve test questions)

- Creating strong background information on a balanced range of topics (history; earth/natural/physical/environmental sciences; biographies of famous people; social studies; and current events)

Note-taking and studying techniques
- All students will take personalized notes in a separate notebook to create a study-guide that they can use as a resource to prepare for tests

- Efficient note-taking techniques and organization skills will be taught in-class and will be a major part of the curriculum

- Memorization techniques to help kids memorize and retain information for long term use will also be emphasized in our curriculum